Interactive Toasts in Vue Bootstrap

Toasts are mini popups containing information. We can use these toasts for notifications. You can place them in various parts of your screen. Below is a super quick setup to begin implementing interactive toasts. Vue Bootstrap has a nice library to help us create these toasts. Learn more about toasts at:

  1. Install vue bootstrap
npm install vue bootstrap bootstrap-vue

2. Make can make a simple toast like this

this.$bvToast.toast('yourBodyText', {
title: 'yourTitleText',
toaster: 'b-toaster-bottom-right',
solid: true,
appendToast: true

3. If we want to make an interactive toast (for accessibility reasons, Vue Bootstrap does not recommend making toasts interactive), we need to pass a component into the toast. First, I will create a super simple component called “TestButton.” If the user clicks on this button, the user will be routed to the ‘/home’ page

<div @click="navigate('/home')">
export default {
props: ['type'],
methods: {
navigate(path) {

4. Second, we need to create a virtual element based on this component so that we can pass it into the toast. We call this.$createElement() and pass in our component with our props. Then, we pass in our virtual element into this.$bvToast.toast(). Now, if the user clicks on the body, the user will be routed to ‘/home.’

const virtualElement = this.$createElement(ToastButton, {
props: {
type: 'testing'
this.$bvToast.toast([virtualElement], {
title: payload.notification.title,
toaster: 'b-toaster-bottom-right',
solid: true,
appendToast: true

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